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Centralia Recreation Complex
Fees and Rates

Fees and Rates for CRC programs and activities are listed below. For admission to the Centralia Recreation Complex see Memberships. You will also find Facility Rental Rates. Questions? Contact us here on the web site or call 532-3214.
CRCY Barracudas Swim Team
Barracudas Swim Team
Program Fees
Bronze Silver Gold Jr/Sr
9 Month Program
USA Membership
Fee of $58 included
$301.00 or
$34.50/mo eft*
$271.00 or
$343/mo eft*
$373 or
$42.50/mo eft*
$421 or
$48/mo eft*
Fayette Co. YMCA Membership (optional) Student: $50.00 per Year       Family: $140.00 per Year
(Financial assistance and payment plans are available based on need.)

CRC Membership  For Swim Team

Youth Family
(See other Memberships) 9 Month Pass $236.00 or $27.25/mo eft* $520.00 or $58.75/mo eft*
* eft -EFT or Electronic Funds Transfer enables you to purchase a pass for 6 to 12 months and have the monthly amount automatically taken out of your checking or savings account. You will be required to pay the first month’s fee and a one time $7 EFT activation fee. You may use the monthly EFT for program fees and pass fees; however, YMCA fees must be paid upon registration. Please note: when an electronic funds transfer does not go through, it is looked at as if it was a check returned with insufficient funds. A $30.00 service charge will be applied. EFT withdrawals are made on approximately the 15th of each month.
Youth Programs & Activities
Youth Activities Association $20/sem       
Swim Lessons $40   $20
BasketBall Camps        
   Boys & Girls (4-9) $45      
Youth Soccer League $30      
Micro Soccer (4-6) $30      
Girls Volleyball League $30      
Adult Programs & Activities
Adult Fitness Class(5/wk) $50   $30
Adult Fitness Class(3/wk) $40   $20
Yoga Classes $55/mo   $40/mo
Ripped & Rich $55/mo   $40/mo
   Individual Class $5.00      
Silver Sneakers© $20/mo   $10/mo
Personal Fitness Training        
   1 Session $20   $20
   3 Sessions $55   $55
   5 Sessions $90   $90
Adult Swim Lessons $40   $20
Aqua-Arthritis & Aerobics        
   Adults ........ (each day) $4.25   *free
   Seniors ..... (each day) $3.25   *free
Church Volleyball League $175 / team  
Golfing to rent golf balls $3.25   $3.25
* Included, Free to pass holders

Locker Rental

1/2 Locker Full Locker
Daily $0.50  
1 Month $8.25 $16.50
3 Month $23.00 $46.00
6 Month $41.00 $82.50
9 Month $57.00 $114.00
12 Month $72.50 $145.00
Rates for Rental of Facility
Conference Center    
     Room 101A or 101B $250* 4 to 8 hrs
    $175* Less than 4 hrs
  Rooms 101A & 101B  $375* 4 to 8 hrs
    $225* Less than 4 hrs
  * Additional $150 if there is alcohol
  Goal usage $25/hr  
  Half Court $65/hr (2 hr minimum)
  Full Court $125/hr (2 hr minimum)
     Rental of Pool Area  $125/hr (2 hr minimum)
Pool or Gym Parties   (Application)
    During Hours   After Hours
     Pool or Gym $50 /hr   $125 /hr
  Admission Fee $1 ea.   $2 ea.
  Room Charge $25 /hr   $35 /hr
Rev. 2/11/2015 dlb
Centralia Recreation Complex
115 E Second St.
Centralia, IL 62801